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These grinds will be a uniform thickness starting at the spine. The V shaped, flat grind bevel often starts between the spine and the edge and tapers evenly towards the edge

Full flat ground blade classically refers to blades that form a classic “V” shape, where both sides taper toward each other at a consistent angle until they meet. 

High Flat ground blades bevel starts high up near the spine.

Scandi ground blades the grind will start below the midway point, towards the edge.




Convex edge is where the bevel on each side of the blade is slightly rounded (convex!) as they taper to form the edge.




The hollow ground blade has a characteristic concave grind to the edge, so that both sides of the knife have a bevel that is bowing inward until they meet.  This produces a thin and wickedly sharp edge




chisel ground blade will start about mid-way between the spine and edge and will then taper in a straight line towards the edge, but this only happens on one side of the blade. 


Compound Bevel


The compound bevel is another, secondary bevel that is added to an existing grind.  The compound bevel is more obtuse than the primary bevel and will form the actual edge of the knife




Asymmetrical grinds simply describe a grind that uses separate bevel angles for each side of the blade.  Asymmetrical grinds are most often found either with convex grinds or with flat grinds. 



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