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Home > How To Cleaning A Multi-Tools?

Rust and Corrosion

Most of multi-tools are manufactured from stainless steel. But stainless steel is not rust proof; it is corrosion resistant. Depending on the mix of metal alloys, the multi-tools should be cleaned, dried and re-oiled periodically to inhibit rust and corrosion.


Cleaning Methods

1. If your multi-tools has been exposed to saltwater or marine environments, it should be thoroughly rinsed in fresh water, dried, and lubricated with a light oil


2. If debris or sticky substances have accumulated between the blades, your multi-tools may also be cleaned in a mild solution of detergent and water.


3. To remove tar and similar substances, clean your multi-tools with turpentine or other mineral spirits. Do not use chlorine products.


4. After cleaning, re-oil pivoting areas with a light penetrating type oil. Buff stained surfaces with a polishing cloth or non-metallic abrasive









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