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Home > What Is The Butterfly Knives Or Balisong Knives?

A butterfly knife also called balisong knife which is a folding knife with two handles rotating around the blade’s tang pivot,the blade can be concealed within the handles when closed.
the butterfly knife has a long history that is originated in the Philippines around 800AD.the filipio people use it as a self-defence and multi function tool knife


The butterfly knife is consist of a fews of parts:
blade,tang,tang pin,bite handle,safe handle,choil,kicker,latch.the handle is forged out of one piece of steel material and have a groove for the blade close into the handle


How to flip the butterfly knife?

I think you have watched someone flip a butterfly knife and think that it is very easy! Maybe you have completely wrong.if you want to flip the butterfly knife in a good shape,you need to practice for some time.
Hold the butterfly knife’s handle in your right hand and noted that the dull side of the blade toward you hand and then move your hand at the wrist in a counter rotating


butterfly knife care and maintenance:

1. inspect and tightening the screws and pins,check for any debris or damage

2. cleaned the butterfly knife regularly with warm water will keep the butterfly knife provide you a long lasting service

3. you need to lubricate the pivot area and blade with light oil after every cleaning that is helps prevent rust corrosion and ensure the butterfly knife moving smooth




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