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Pocket knife also called folding knife is a foldable knife.traditional folding pocket knife can have one or more blades,so the folding pocket knives are versstile outdoor tools,it may be close the blade into handle and use for anything for example cutting cord,slicing a piece of fruit and much more


Folding pocket knives formerly consisted of blade,handle and locking mechanism,but some of pocket knives have more than one blade,including serrated blade,wood saw,scissors etc.these pocket knives are famous for swiss army knife


Blade styles are important for their performance.there is different blade shape can be provide different performance.general speaking,the blade shape including clip point,drop point,tanto point,spear point,sheep’s foot,needle point and spey-point and so on

The drop point and tanto point are very popular use in folding pocket knife


Locking mechanism for the lock blade knives is very important that is locking the blade open strongly and prevent the blade being forced back into your hand when touch hard things,the popular locking mechanism including liner lock,frame lock,lock back,axis lock etc.

Some of pocket knives include spring assisted opening mechanism,when you push the flipper opener the blade will be opening quickly called switch blade knives


Blade material is key element for the pocket knives.the good blade steel will be trade-offs.hardness,toughness,corrosion resistance,edge retention and sharpening ability

The ultra premium steel include CPM S90V,M390,ZDP-189…

The premium steel include CPM M4,CPM S35VN,CPM S30V…

The high end steel include 154CM,ATS-34,D2…

The upper mid range steel include 440C,AuS-8,CTS-BD1…

The low mid range steel include 440HC,440A,13C26…

The low end steel include 420 and 420j2,AuS-6…


Handle material is provide a comfortable and safety grip that is made from a great variety of general the textured material will comfortable in the handle such as G-10,wood,karaton,aluminum,stag horn,plastic,titanium and so on and so forth 



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